Jimmy’s Work Trip to Tokyo

Fri. 9/9/05

The park near the office where food vendors sell lunches.

The tall statue that is the counterpart to the horizontal art work at the park
near the office.

Many of the 'parking lots' in Tokyo are for bikes and scooters. This one is just outside the Fuchu Post Office.

 These signs indicate a Japanese Post Office. Useful to note because they almost always have a cash machine were you can withdraw money using your standard ATM card. They even have ATM machines in other places (like the Fuchu train station.)

Who would have thought that a mid-60's Ford Mustang would be hiding in a back alley parking lot in Fuchu?

Looks almost like a real VW van doesn't it? Well, its really a Suzuki micro-van painted and appointed to play the part.                    ---->

Jimmy I miss you and love you - can’t wait for you to return home soon.
The animals won’t stop asking when you’ll be home -
- we’re all looking forward to and waiting here for your return!!! XOXO, H.