Jimmy’s Work Trip to Tokyo

Mon. 9/12/05

I picked up my picture badge today (yeah, no more having to sign-in and sign-out every day) in the Security Office. 

While waiting on the fellow to find my form (you have to sign for a picture ID) I noticed this replica of a shrine on the wall and took a picture. It's kind of hard to make out but there is the gate in front, some kind of broom hanging from the gate, and the shrine against the wall. I would have found out more the guy in the office spoke no english. (right)

These first six pictures are all pictures that were taken from the office (Aozora Bank Fuchu location) in the cafeteria on the 7th floor. They look west from Fuchu towards the mountains.

Jimmy I miss you and love you - can’t wait for you to return home soon.
The animals won’t stop asking when you’ll be home -
- we’re all looking forward to and waiting here for your return!!! XOXO, H.