Jimmy’s Work Trip to Tokyo

Sat. 9/10/05

Circular Traffic Signals (Ring Looking)- There are only four streets coming together here but none are at right angles to each other. A very interesting design for the traffic signals. We walk through this intersection each morning on the way to work.

This fancy broom (right) is on display at the Toyko Tourist Information Center in the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Towers building. Sign with description for this fancy broom click here.

Beautiful glass items for sale in the Tourist Information Center. (left)

A view of the front of the Tokyo Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku.  This is where Jimmy is staying. (right)

Looking west at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Towers. A number of pictures from the top of the South and North towers follow (I will add them all if time permits.). The viewing platforms are on the 45th floor of each tower. (left)

An eastern view (photo to the right) looking just slightly north of the Downtown view. The Shinjuky Station is behind the white building on the right.

A common site throughout Tokyo are the many vending machines. So far (contrary to the guidebook) we have not found one selling beer or liquor.

A view of the plaza from street level. ---->

This is looking right at the heart of downtown. The skyscrapers are just visible in the distance. (left)

iLand Plaza - A view of the circular plaza in the building across the street from the Hilton. There are several nice restuarants around the plaza. Including a 'Lady Borden' ice cream shop.

<---- Another view from street level of the iLand Plaza. This time at night.

Jimmy I miss you and love you - can’t wait for you to return home soon.
The animals won’t stop asking when you’ll be home -
- we’re all looking forward to and waiting here for your return!!! XOXO, H.