Jimmy’s Work Trip to Tokyo

Thurs. 9/8/05

Some of the beautiful tall skyscrapers near the Hilton hotel. The Hilton Hotel is where Jimmy is staying while in Tokyo.

This is small shrine a couple of blocks from the office. Not sure what's for.

This is another view of the park near the office where there are food vendors. The foreground is a horizontal art sculpture. You can't see it for the tree, but there is a similar vertical art sculpture at the other end of the park.

Same shrine with Tom (wearing a silly grin).

This is one of the smallest cars I've ever seen. Peter is about 6 ft. tall.

Jimmy I miss you and love you - can’t wait for you to return home soon.
The animals won’t stop asking when you’ll be home -
- we’re all looking forward to and waiting here for your return!!! XOXO, H.