Jimmy’s Work Trip to Tokyo

Tues. 9/13/05

These appear to be stools for children. They are about 18 inches high and have some text and pictures which appear to be giving a message - exactly what this message is remains unknown. My best guess is that it is teaching the children how to play a game. The second one (top right) seems to be 'patty-cake'. Both stolls shown below left.

We had no idea what the restuarant was but felt adventurous - what a suprise. It was a Korean Barbeque place. We sat at a table that had a gas grill built into the center of the table . The menu (in English just for us) listed (above) a variety of raw meats (so said the waiter.) We tried the ribs, sirloin, and something rather more fatty which was delicious. For $40 per person (including multiple beers) we had the best dinner yet here in Tokyo.

Grilling the meat on the grill in the middle of the table. The cuts were thin so it only took a minute or two to grill each piece. Except for the ribs (which were thier specialty and the best tasting) which took about 3 - 4 minutes. (above)

Tom and Peter (co-workers) obviously enjoying the dinner. Bibs were set out for everyone. (above)

Tonight we once again went to the iLand Plaza for dinner and on the way out I took this picture looking up from the lower level. The lights, music, and sound of running water make this a lovely spot during the evening. (right)

Cooking the meat and vegitables was enjoyable but no comparison to the tasting.

Jimmy I miss you and love you - can’t wait for you to return home soon.
The animals won’t stop asking when you’ll be home -
- we’re all looking forward to and waiting here for your return!!! XOXO, H.