Jimmyís Work Trip to Tokyo

Tues. 9/6/05

This is a picture of the buffet where we have breakfast each morning. Lots of good food. I'll probably get more close-ups of this to show the variety. Note: If itís Monday at 8pm Here itís 8am the Next day Tuesday for Jimmy in Japan eating breakfast.

A picture just outside the Shinjuku station. These lanterns hang from the ceiling to the floor of the covered walkway right next to the street. You see this often in Japan but I have no idea (yet) of what it means.

The park just down from the office where we sometime buy lunch from the street vendors.

Jimmy I miss you and love you - canít wait for you to return home soon.
The animals wonít stop asking when youíll be home -
- weíre all looking forward to and waiting here for your return!!! XOXO, H.